How long have you been doing make-upI have been doing make-up professionally for 5 years, although, it has been a hobby of mine ever since my early teenage years, when I would do my friends for school dances and family members for events. I graduated from Cosmix School of Make-up Artistry in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2013, where I really refined my skills and became serious with make-up as a career.

Where are you from? I'm originally from the small country town of Denton, Maryland.
Go-to bridal lip combo: I love, love, love a good lip liner and CEFA Lady Godiva is where it's at! This paired with the CEFA Matte Lipstick Angelina, and a pop of CEFA Super Bare Lip Gloss is honestly the perfect sexy nude. With a nice bold eye, I live for this look.
Oh, no! A fire broke out in your makeup drawer and you can only save ONE makeup product! What will you save and why? If I must choose only one it would have to be my Too Faced "Better Than Sex Mascara". I feel like I don't look awake without lashes, and this mascara gives mine life x 10.
Celebrity dream client? I'm going to say Tyra Banks or Jennifer Lopez. They both can rock so many different looks, they are drop dead gorgeous, and they can serve up a fierce face like no other.