How long have you been doing hair? Having such a passion for hair at a young age, I started in the cosmetology field immediately after high school. After finishing the basic program at 19, I packed up my things and moved out to LA to advance my studies. On the West Coast I studied more intensely, in depth chemicals, color correction and creative cutting.
When did you discover your love for wedding hair design? After LA, I moved back home and began working in Center City, Philadelphia, taking all clients for all needs. But that's where I discovered my love for wedding hair design. Being able to be a part of a bride's biggest day brings so much joy to my career.
How do you keep up with trends in the industryI am always staying up to date with all the latest trends and continue taking classes on my own time so that every client that sits in my chair leaves feeling more amazing than ever. I am also a hair color educator and certified extensionist  which helps me to to be able to guide every client or bride in the right direction.
Go-to bridal look: I love simplicity. Anything boho or braids incorporated.
Oh, no! A fire broke out in your hair kit and you can only save ONE thing! What will you save and why100% my Marcel curling iron; that thing is attached to my hand!
Celebrity dream clientVanessa Hudgens' style is eye-opening and always pushes the limits of the normal day-to-day.